Stephanie Behrendt & Theo St Francis


Episode 32 | Stephanie Behrendt & Theo St Francis; Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

This week’s episode has Jenna asking the question, “What are you doing with the rest of your life?” A full teaching weekend and a close encounter with a moving vehicle has her reenergized and inspired to be doing the work she wants to be doing right now. Our guests are Stephanie Behrendt & Theo St Francis of Zebrafish Neuro bringing the work of spinal cord injury recovery into the Pilates world. We shout out to Eurona Tilley of Epiphany Pilates in Fairfax, VA and Jenna brings you her #workoutoftheweek.

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References: Alejandra Monsalve, Tom McCook, Absolute Center, Jenna’s Burnout Webinar

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