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Episode 83. | Conni Ponturo


The motivation for teaching as well as life abounds in this beautiful episode with Conni Ponturo, owner of the highly regarded, Absolute Pilates Upstairs based in Woodland Hills, California.

Conni is a leading authority in the field of pain-free living, which includes the power of creating a harmonious connection of mindset, emotions, and body. Respected for her unique approach to Transformational Movement that merges Pilates, Meditation and Mindset, Conni Ponturo teaches her clients how to flourish at every stage and age of their life.

As an acclaimed and enthusiastic speaker, her greatest joy is sharing her knowledge, actionable practices and creative ways to keep people living pain and injury free. She has spoken on stages in Canada and the United States. To learn more about the ways exercise is vital in the lives of recognized personalities, Conni has spoken on stage with celebrities including Charlie Sheen and Christie Brinkley.

We can’t wait for you to hear this great conversation that is full of JOY! ⠀



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