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Episode 85. | Chantill Lopez


This episode has been a long time coming. Chantill Lopez is a movement explorer, educator, and mentor and has made a 20-year career teaching Pilates; it still makes her smile. Her work focuses on teaching from the whole-person and whole-body perspective, drawing from brain-based learning frameworks, motivation and communication science, somatic and humanistic psychology, and other emerging models such as the polyvagal theory. She is the founder of the education company, Skillful Teaching, the creator of the Thinking Pilates Podcast and author of the book “Moving Beyond Technique”. She is also the creator of one of Pilates Metrics’ original movement libraries and a featured presenter for Fusion Pilates EDU.

In this rich conversation, we strip away the layers to discover what really needs to happen in order for us to create a teaching scenario where our students embody autonomy, choice, and empowerment.  HINT: It starts with YOU!

If you’ve ever wondered about the next steps for your teaching practice, whether teaching was for you in the long term or how you might help your clients gain more responsibility for their practice, this conversation goes there and then some.

This is one of those conversations where you’ll be nodding along – even if you haven’t considered making a shift in your teaching or career yet.  A true GEM!



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