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Episode 92. | Beth Sandlin

Conversations where hands are thrown up in the air, tears are shed, snorts of laughter are abundant and the connection is strong are my reason for podcasting. My conversation with Kelly Kane was more like a rebirth of purpose and reaffirmed why I started Pilates Unfiltered.

Kelly Kane studied Pilates with Romana Krazanaska & Hila Paldi, completing her certification with The Pilates Institute. She has studied BodyMind Centering™, Continuum Movement™, Iyengar Yoga, and has done extensive Crossfit training. She attended Massage School at the Florida School of Massage and her manual therapy repertoire includes Structural Integration™, CranioSacral Therapy™ and Visceral Manipulation. She further developed her perceptual skills through three years of human cadaver dissection.

Today, Kelly directs the Kane School of Core Integration, which is the training program she originated in New York City. but currently resides in Rochester, Vermont where she teaches Pilates on her 57 acre farm and at Biscuit Hill Pilates in Woodstock, Vermont.


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