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Episode 109. | Dr. Suzanne Martin

This week we talk to Dr. Suzanne Martin. Dr. Suzanne Martin’s interest lies in the field of human movement and potential, specializing in special populations of spinal asymmetry, cancer, feet, and performing arts. A doctor of physical therapy, exercise physiologist and a gold-certified Pilates expert, she is an international presenter, coach and mentor, as well as an award-winning author and video producer. Dr. Martin’s aesthetic for movement started in the visual arts and dance. With over 40 years of teaching experience, she blends art and science into her writing and instruction from the fine arts, health and movement fields. Look for her new Handspring Publishers book, Spinal Asymmetry and Scoliosis; Movement and Function Solutions for the Spine, Ribcage, and Pelvis.

This conversation is a rich exploration of moving beyond the structure to see where the function lies!



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